Why Mutts Make the Best Pets!

Every year thousands of dogs are euthanized in our shelters and the highest percentage of those is mixed breed dogs. It’s a sad truth especially since mutts are so awesome and here are 7 reasons why…
1. They are the most unique! Breeding purebreds means that a certain standard in appearance and temperament must meet the same ‘quality’ with each litter. If you adopt a mixed breed you’re getting a very special and unique pet that is unlike any other. When adopting you’ll also have more options to pick from too!
2. The temperament of a mixed breed is thought to be more flexible because they aren’t bred to a certain standard. They tend to adjust to a variety of living conditions and households whereas a pure bred may have a dominant temperament towards herding or hunting for example.
3. Mixed breeds can still be service dogs! Being a therapy or service dog is no longer just limited to purebreds. YAY!
4. No potty training! Many times when you rescue a mixed breed your new pet will already be house trained from their foster parent, the rescue or have been trained from their previous owner. How awesome is that?!
5. Skip the puppy stage! There are so many adult dogs in foster care and at shelters that need homes too! You can skip the potty training, chewing and not worry about the extra time and patience it requires to train a puppy. An adult dog will also be done growing and will typically have a set temperament so you won’t be surprised down the road.
6. Smaller investment. A purebred puppy can cost thousands of dollars and don’t forget to add in several visit to the vet in the first year for vaccinations and spay/neuter. When you adopt from a rescue, typically you’re going to be required to donate $50-200 or so and that goes back into the rescue. Your pet most likely will already be spayed or neutered and be up to date on shots as well.
7. You’re saving two lives! This is the best reason ever! You’re taking a homeless dog off the street, out of foster care and out of the shelters and giving it a home. By adopting, you’re also making more space for other homeless and abandoned animals to be rescued as well.
If you’re set on a specific breed of dog, check for breed specific rescues, they are out there! Whatever route you take to adopt, be sure to take time to search for the right pet for your family so that you can give them a FOREVER home!