Seasonal Shedding is Upon Us!!


It’s that time of year again when you might be pulling tufts of hair from your dog’s coat, they’re leaving hair behind on the furniture, the floor and even all over your clothes, and it’s not the normal kind of shedding you’re used to.

While not all dogs experience seasonal shedding since they shed pretty consistently year round, many do in the spring and fall. As the weather gets colder in the fall, the dog’s skin and hair follicles respond by growing in a thick undercoat. As the weather warms up in the spring, they shed out this thicker coat for a cooler one.

So what can you do? Well the best solution is daily brushing and while that may seem really time consuming, it’s better than the alternative takeover of fur around your house and on your clothes.

As far as brushing goes, a typical brush isn’t going to do much for you during shedding season. You really need to use an undercoat comb to get that undercoat out and many pet parents get the best success with the Furminator.

You can also bathe them once a month while they are shedding out after you use the Furmintaor and this will help you get out even more of that loose hair. Just keep in mind that you should never bathe your dog more than once a month so you don’t irritate their skin.

Lastly, just be patient with your pet since it’s just twice a year and enjoy that time with them because that brushing is going to feel really good for your pet.