Does Your Cat Have Food Allergies?

Food allergies are shown to be the third most common type of allergy  and if you think your cat might be having an allergic reaction, it’s important that you address the possible issue as soon as possible as it can lead to severe medical issues and even death.

Typical symptoms of food allergies is the presence of fluid-filled lumps, usually around the head and neck area. These itchy eruptions can lead to further issues if not treated appropriately. A smaller percentage of cats with food allergies experience vomiting and diarrhea.

These issues can lead to hair loss, lesions and other symptoms that become more evident and intensify over time. Cats at any age can develop allergies, even those who have eaten the same food for years. When signs appear, a visit to the veterinarian for care should happen as soon as possible.

A veterinarian can help you identify the specific allergy so that you can remove it from their diet. This process may involve some trial and error and patience but as a result you’ll have a healthier and happier pet.