5 Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Camping season is here! I know many of you are excited to dust off the camping and hiking gear so you can get out there and enjoy the outdoors, but did you do your research so it’ll be a great time for your dog too?

Before you head out, always confirm first that dogs are allowed on the trails and in the forest, parks and/or campgrounds you plan to visit. Many allow hiking on trails with your dog, but no backcountry camping with them. Some have rules regarding leashes while others don’t. Check out these additional five tips to ensure you have a great trip!

  1. Regardless of leash laws, always have a leash on hand should you need it or come across wildlife and other dogs. Remember that both you and your pet need identification as well should anything happen.
  2. Pick up after your pet and apply the leave-no-trace behind ethics to your pets as well. Their waste can not only make hiking the trails a little less fun, but it can also damage the environment.
  3. Never leave your pup unsupervised outdoors or at your campsite. Plan to co-sleep with your pet to avoid any encounters with wildlife that is active during the night.
  4. Remember that you’ll need water, food and a bowl for your pet. If you’re backpacking or hiking, consider outfitting your pet with a dog pack to carry their own provisions if they’re able and big enough to do so.
  5. Pack food away, even the dog food between meals. Leaving food out will attract wildlife and also teach wildlife that campgrounds are a great place to grab a treat.

Enjoy your summer season and stay safe!