5 Reasons You Should Foster Homeless Pets

  • You’ll increase the chances that a homeless pet will find a forever home! Foster families are the first step of recovery for abused and abandoned animals. As a foster parent you’ll help the pet with any training they might need, help them recover from any health issues they may have from being abused and/or neglected, you’ll learn their personality which will help the rescue find the right home for them and most important – you’ll give that pet the love and care they may have never had before!
  • Fostering keeps animals out of shelters and saves lives! This is so important because throughout the United States animal shelters are overrun with abandoned animals and many are euthanized for lack of space. By you giving a pet a temporary home, you are not only saving that pet’s life, but you are allowing space in shelters to save more lives too!
  • You can be specific about how you want to foster and what you want to foster. Only want to foster adult dogs? Only want to foster litters of kittens? Want to foster a specific breed? Are you only available to foster a few months a year? That’s all okay! Most rescues and shelters are willing to work with your requests and there are plenty of pets that need foster homes!
  • By fostering a pet you’ll give your own pets better social skills and it’s an opportunity to see if you’re ready for another pet. Foster Failure anyone? Sometimes you’ll foster an animal and just fall in love; some fosters end up adopting in the end.
  • Animal rescues and shelters will cover the cost of medical expenses for foster pets and even help with or provide pet food so it won’t impact your own personal budget!

If you would like to foster an abandoned pet, reach out to your favorite local shelter or animal rescue and fill out an application to get started! Our next blog post will be about how to prepare yourself and your home for fostering pets. Stay tuned…