5 Pawsome Pet Birthday Ideas

#1: For a really pawsome time, host a birthday party at your house or the local dog park! If it’s summer, a pool party would cool everyone off and be a great time. You can even provide yummy snacks, treats and even bake or order a cake made just for your furbaby and their pals. Don’t forget to include some fun games like a talent show, find the treats (like an Easter egg hunt) and a fetching competition! Send home a goody bag with extra treats and a toy or two for all the four-legged guests.

#2: If your dog isn’t the social type, take them out for a day of fun, doggy style. Does your dog LOVE to swim? Love to hike? Love to play fetch? Set aside a special time to do something they really enjoy. Don’t forget to have a gift or two waiting for them when you get home.

#3: Bake a cake or cupcakes for your birthday pal and your pack. You can find lots of fun and pet safe recipes on Pinterest. Most consist of peanut butter, eggs and flour. If you really want to go all out, make a pet safe frosting and decorate the top with treats and pieces of kibble. Don’t forget to take pictures before they scarf it up!

#4: Take them to the pet store and let them pick out some new toys! You can also stop by the collars and pick out a new one to honor their special day.

#5: Does your pet love to rip into presents? Grab some new toys from the pet store, wrap them up and let them have at it. It’s always a good idea to monitor this activity and get some great pictures!

Happy Birthday to your pets! If you celebrate their special day, please post your pictures on our Facebook page, we’d love to see them and wish them Happy Birthday too!

– Brenda