2018 Pet Resolutions

This month did you make the usual New Year’s Resolutions for yourself? Maybe they were financial or something to do with your health and fitness perhaps? Well, we suggest you make New Year’s Resolutions for your pets too! The beginning of a new year is always a great opportunity to challenge yourself to do better in life and hit those goals that are always floating around in the back of your mind.

Here are 5 awesome resolutions that will give your pet an even happier and healthier life this year too!

  1. Take your pooch for more regular walks! Not only is this great for their health and for giving them stimulation, but this is great for your health too. Keep it up rain or shine, at least every other day and your pet will be much happier for it. No time to take them out regularly? Give me a call and we can schedule regular walks with my service!
  2. If you don’t already take your pet in for an annual check up with the vet, make this the year you commit to doing so going forward. Just like a regular visit to see your physician is important for preventative care, it’s the same for your pet. This is a great way to catch any concerns before they blow up and get feedback on how you can better improve your pet’s quality of life.
  3. Make this the year you stay on top of those nail trims! Nails that aren’t maintained can be painful for your pet and if they get long enough, it can be difficult to get them appropriately short again. The longer you wait between nail trims, the longer that quick gets which gets in the way of how short you can cut them. If you can’t afford a regular nail trim every few months, ask a groomer or your vet to show you how to safely trim them yourself. Bonus, when you go in for that annual vet check up, they usually include a free nail trim too!
  4. Does your pet need to lose weight? Maintaining a healthy weight for them is just as important as it is for you. Excess weight in pets can lead to joint issues, diabetes and other health concerns. Getting that weight off isn’t easy so talk to your vet about a weight management food and discuss any extra level of activity with your vet before giving your pet any vigorous exercise.
  5. Get your pet socialized! Dog parks are a great place to socialize your pets and also get them more exercise. Think of it as a fun play date with the other kids! If your dog is aggressive or excessively shy around other dogs, talk to a trainer for tips before throwing them into a really stressful situation and remember you can take them to places like Home Depot to ease them into more social opportunities.

Pick one or a few of the above and get working on giving your pet a better life. Can you think of any other awesome pet resolutions? We’d love for you to share them with us on our Facebook page!

Have a healthy and happy 2018!