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Is a Pocket Pet Right for You?

Most of us can look back on our childhood and fondly remember our first pet. Often, kids are started with a pocket pet; it’s a great way to learn responsibility and animal care. If you’re thinking it’s finally time to give in to the pleas of your children and get them that hamster, you need to do some research to see if it will really fit into your lifestyle. Just like dogs and cats, small pets require your lifelong commitment, some species can live several years or more and you should never purchase one on a whim. This decision should be one that is well thought out and involves research. When doing your research, keep in mind that rescue/adoption is always an option with small pets. Click here to search on Petfinder. ( Many small pets are nocturnal and will need to be allowed to sleep during the day so that they can enjoy their nightly activities. With this in mind, many pocket pets have natural enemies so keeping them in a noisy environment and around other large pets, such as dogs, would be very stressful for them. Consider keeping them in a quiet location in your house with soothing music. They can become friends with some larger pets so keep in mind the compatibility of the species; you don’t want to bring home a natural prey animal for your larger pet. Regardless, you should always supervise any interaction between pets. You should also always supervise your children when they are playing with and handling pets. It is not suggested that children under seven years of age have small pets that can be easily injured or lost. The majority of small pets are very squirmy for anyone to handle, especially a young child. The initial investment for small pets is small, ranging from $5 to $100 for the pet and $50 to $200 or more for housing, accessories and supplies. The ongoing investment for bedding and food is also relatively low. Just like other pets, these pets may require veterinary care at some point and this additional cost should be anticipated should they be injured or get sick. The internet, pet store employees, clubs and organizations have lots of valuable information when researching the variety of small pets available, their required care, housing, behavior and species specific considerations. When purchasing or adopting a pocket pet, ensure that it is...

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