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Your Pet’s Dental Health and More

Did you know that February was National Pet Dental Month? This is a great opportunity to brush up on those grooming skills and to make time for some daily brushing of both the teeth and the coat! Regular grooming of your pet is not only good for their health, but it gives you an opportunity to make them feel good, to give them some extra attention and to keep an eye out for new bumps and other abnormalities that you otherwise might not have noticed. Poor dental health can lead to other serious health problems and a shorter lifespan; most of these issues can be prevented with regular tooth brushing and annual dental exams. Just like your teeth, plaque and food can build up on your dog or cat’s teeth, linger there and cause problems like bad breath, gingivitis, infections and more. To avoid these problems, you need to do two things. First, when you take your pet in for annual vaccinations and wellness checks, include a dental exam as well. If your pet is young this can be a quick visual check by the vet and if your pet is old this could include a cleaning, tooth removal and other work depending on their current dental health. Second, much like your own teeth, their teeth need regular brushing in between annual visits, and no, once a month isn’t enough! If your pet’s breath is repulsive take them to the vet for a cleaning and check-up, then move forward with better dental care. If you see inflammation or the pet seems to have pain or discomfort, take them to the vet right away, there could be a big problem stewing. You can get special toothpaste and a toothbrush at your local pet supply store for a very small cost and brush them daily. If at first your pet wants nothing to do with it, just let them chew on the bristles and enjoy that chicken flavored toothpaste and eventually work up to actually brushing their teeth. This may take some time, but stay dedicated! It will pay off in the future. You should also consider diet a part of dental health. Do you offer only soft foods to them? This could cause some issues. Dry food only or a combination of dry food and wet food will keep their teeth cleaner. You can also ask your veterinarian or local...

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