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New Year’s Resolutions for our Furry Companions

ShareDid you make any New Year’s Resolutions for your pets?  We all resolve to be the best pet parent possible and the start of a new year isn’t just an opportunity to make New Year’s Resolutions for ourselves, it is also a great time to make some for our pets as well.  More than half of all pets in the United States are considered overweight or obese so you may not be the only one in need of a few nutritional changes and a commitment to regular exercise. Check out these resolutions to make 2014 the year your pet gets healthier:  Each and every time you feed your pet, you should be measuring the amount.  Do this to ensure that your pet isn’t consuming extra calories that they don’t need.  You can purchase one cup and smaller scoops or just keep a measuring cup with your pet’s food.  Take into consideration older pets and less active pets that may not need as much.  If you have concerns about your pets diet, give your veterinarian a call or discuss it with an associate from where you purchase their food. Explore a new and fun activity with your pet.  Right at home you have one of the best workout partners out there!  Take your pet hiking, trail running, walking, even kayaking.  Many cities also have groups of people who get together and do these activities with their dogs.   If you don’t have time to get in a daily walk with your pet, give me a call and schedule a 20 minute ‘Walking Only’ visit for just $15. Even your cats need exercise.  Plan to incorporate kitty playtime into your daily routine.  This could be while you watch the news at night, after the kids finish their homework or by bringing home new interactive toys. Is your pet up to date on their vaccinations?  When was the last time they had a physical?  If it’s been a while, schedule a welfare check up with your veterinarian and take this opportunity to ask for advice about your pet’s nutrition and fitness.  While you’re at it, schedule a physical for yourself too!  You know you’ve been meaning to. Take 15 minutes to groom your pet each day.  A good brushing stimulates distribution of the oils from their skin to the fur, making the coat shine while keeping it healthy.  Brushing also removes excess hair...

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