11 Animals You Didn’t Know You Could Adopt!

While dogs and cats are the most commonly adopted animals, there are plenty of other species that end up in rescues and shelters that need forever homes too! In fact, if any of the below animals strike your fancy, you can do a quick search on PetFinder.com or even use Google to find a local rescue that is specifically for that species you’re interested in. BUT, don’t forget to do your research first before taking any further steps and seek out advice from the various organizations as well. Some of these animals are pretty easy keepers as pets, but some have more needs and require more space than you might have. Some also require more regular vet care so you need to make sure that you include that in your budget. You don’t want to save an animal only to turn around and surrender it back to the rescue, right?!

So check these out….


In more rural areas you’ll find even more cows that need forever homes. They are super sweet but make sure you have the resources to provide for them. They need at least 80 square feet of space (more if you adopt more than one), over 20 gallons of water a day and of course plenty of food.



You’ll find more pigs in rural areas as well. When it comes to pigs you can find them all shapes and sizes full grown; BIG and tiny! There was a time when adopting small breeds of pigs was very popular and unfortunately that meant irresponsible breeders were selling large breed farm pigs with the promise they’d stay small. Then a few hundred pounds later they couldn’t be managed anymore. Shelters have plenty of small breed pigs available too so just make sure you know what size you have space for and what specific breed you’re adopting.



Did you know that you can save the life of a parrot, parakeet or other tropical bird? They make great pets and are very smart. Remember that a parrot takes more care and space than say a parakeet and that some states don’t allow parrots to be kept as pets.



These animals are very fun and intelligent pets! They are friendly and very active too. Keep in mind they are known for biting and they do have a very musky scent. Foster homes are also needed for ferrets so that can be an opportunity to see what it might be like to own a ferret while you’re fostering.


Reptiles and Amphibians:

There are lots of species of reptiles and amphibians that need forever homes. You can find these at some shelters but mainly at species specific rescues. You might like a Bearded Dragon which is one of the easiest reptiles to care for, or a corn snake, boa constrictor, even toads and geckos! Turtles and tortoises make for fun pets too! As with the previous animals listed, some species need more care or bigger aquariums and terrariums, and some of these species have much longer life spans so be sure to do that research and know your commitment!


Horses, Goats and Donkeys:

You can find full-size or miniature of all three and they all make for incredibly fun and entertaining pets. These animals do require more space, vet care and considerations compared to say a reptile or amphibian, but they do make for amazing pets. With the rise in impulse purchases of the miniature breeds of these species there are many to be found at shelters and rescues.


Sugar Gliders and Chinchillas:

These can also be really fun pets like ferrets! Keep in mind these animals are nocturnal so you wouldn’t want to keep their space in your bedroom. They need larger cages and safe handling by you for bonding, and we would not recommend either for small children. These animals love to play and need toys as well.


Thanks for reading and we hope you are able to welcome one of these amazing animals into your home! Just remember to ADOPT and not purchase from a pet store.